These Instagram Live and IGTV Shows Will Keep You Entertained At Home

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If you've been at home wondering how on earth you're going to stay entertained every day, I have the perfect round up for you.

So many celebrities are using this time to go live on Instagram (with some full-blown SHOWS, here's looking at you Miley Cyrus), and others are posting IGTV videos for your entertainment.

So here's what you need to make sure you're looking out for while stuck in quarantine and in need of things to watch.

Miley Cyrus: Bright Minded. Miley truly hosts an hour-long show every single day. And she books guests! The other day she had Hailey Bieber on to give a make up tutorial as part of a themed show.

Her show is on everyday at 11:30am PT, so once you're done listening to us, you can turn your entertainment over to Miley. Tomorrow's Bright Minded episode is going to be a great one. It's Women Wednesday and her show will include Hilary Duff, Bebe Rexha, Dua Lipa and Reese Witherspoon as guests!


Another one of our favorite shows on Instagram Live? The Bachelor's Chris Harrison has been going live nightly with his girlfriend and Entertainment Tonight host Lauren Zima for what they call "Group Dates." The show is focused around Bachelor Nation, obviously, so if you're a fan, you should definitely tune in. Yesterday they had Ben Higgins join them for his birthday!

A few days ago Mandy Moore did an Instagram Live concert - being that she just recently released her new album!! - and she plans to do another one this upcoming Friday. What better way to spend your Friday than with an intimate Mandy Moore concert? I just love her.

On IGTV, Antoni Porowski from Netflix's Queer Eye has been hosting a cooking show with things you probably have at home. Antoni calls the series "Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine." Yesterday was meatless Monday so he made a veggie pizza. He's also done an episode using only leftovers. I LOVE watching these!


Other celebrities to look out for who have been going live on IG... Justin Bieber, Niall Horan, and Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

And FYI, both Miley and Antoni are using their shows to raise money for Feeding America which is helping those in need during this pandemic.

Thank you to all of these celebs for the entertainment AND spreading positivity and goodness all over our Instagrams!

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