Now Is The Perfect Time To Foster Or Adopt A Pet!


With more people working from home than ever (like, almost everyone in the state if they are able) right now, there is one group that is benefiting greatly: pets.

Not only are those pets who already found their forever home having the best couple weeks ever because more owners are working from home all day and therefore can cuddle them, take them on more walks, and just be around more. But there's also an increase in people around the country who are fostering and adopting pets right now, because if people are staying home, they actually have time to get a new pet acclimated to their new home!

Now is certainly the time that shelters need people to come and take pets home as well, with so many of them closing or losing out on volunteers due to the new social distancing mandates across the country.

You may have noticed that some celebs, like Antoni Porowski, Kyle Chandler and Camila Morrone have taken to their local shelters and decided to adopt or foster while in quarantine.

It is important to remember that the CDC, the World Health Organization and the American Veterinary Medical Association have all made it known that pets are NOT able to spread COVID-19, so bringing one into your home does not put you or your family in harm. Also, as so many of us know, science has proven that having an animal in your life makes you happier AND healthier. So really, what are you waiting for?

If you're thinking of adopting or fostering right now, you actually may have a bit of competition! SoCal animal shelters are seeing an incredible amount of interest right now. Most shelters are closed right now, but if you would like to adopt or foster, you CAN go into the shelters where a small number of employees are still taking care of the cats, dogs, and other animals there.

Los Angeles city shelters said they’re reviewing foster applications “as quickly as we can” after receiving great interest from those wishing to offer temporary homes to pets. Because of the "amazing response" the shelters want people to be patient while they work hard to get through the foster applications.

Overall, if you CAN adopt or foster a pet, right now is a great time to do so, if there are any still available. These pets need love too right now! (And they can give you extra love or a reason to go outside for a walk!)

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