Alicia Keys Hilariously Goes Undercover As A Lyft Driver

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What would YOU do if you were getting into a Lyft, just trying to get where you're going, and then you realized that your driver wasn't just your average driver and instead it was none other than Alicia Keys??

I actually would freak out, that I know for sure. Not only is Alicia incredibly talented and a total icon, but she also is the kindest person EVERRRR. And she always has some sort of incredible mom or just general wisdom that will change your life.

For these unsuspecting Lyft passengers, though, she was just hanging out and talking about having moved from New York. And then she kept dropping her lyrics into the conversation and it's ICONIC. You have to watch:


I think my favorite moment of this video is when Alicia jokes about her husband being from "SWIZeraland" and that he loves "SWIZ cheese". Like hi, she's trying to tell you that her husband is Swizz Beats!

There's also the moment where she says she's spending her holidays with "Grammys" and when the passenger asks what "Grammys" is she tries to cover it up by saying it's her grandma's place... but... that passenger is NOT buying it.

The rider looked over and said, “Alicia. Just say it.”

Oh it's so good. I hope someday IIII get to be a rider in one of these undercover rides. They're always sooo much fun to watch. I can't imagine actually being in the car during one!

Who would be your DREAM undercover driver to get into the car with? Obviously mine would be Calvin Harris. Or maybe Lizzo?? Both would be amazing.

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