The Meaning Behind Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden's Daughter's Name

If you somehow missed it through this loooooong week (seriously, this week felt like it lasted an eternity?!) - Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden welcomed a baby girl "at the start of this new decade."

The famously private couple shared the exciting news with a simple post on each of their social media accounts announcing the arrival of their little one and explaining how they would be keeping her life private. The post also included the reveal of her name: Raddix Madden.

Throughout the week we have gotten more information about Raddix - learning that the couple welcomed their baby girl through surrogacy after trying several other ways to get pregnant (IVF, acupuncture, and supplements).

After FIVE years of trying, the couple was finally able to welcome their baby through surrogacy and I have to say I LOVE that this is an option for couples. We're so fortunate that even if our bodies cannot carry a baby or even if we struggle to get pregnant, there are options for couples of all kinds to start a family.

NOW, we are getting information about the meaning behind their daughter's name. In the announcement they played on words by calling her "RAD" and it seems that word actually is part of why they chose the name Raddix.

According to Us Weekly, friends of the couple believe “Raddix” is a combination of “rad” and a translation of “new beginning” — which is fitting being as they were trying for a baby for so many years AND welcomed her just as the new year and new decade began.

“It’s so like Cam and Benji to pick a quirky yet meaningful name,” and “they agree it suits her perfectly," says a source close to the couple.

I LOVE known the name behind baby names. For my kids, their middle names are specifically personal to us - Aiza Delmar represents meeting in San Diego and Maxon Jae which represents my sister Janette who set my husband and I up!

What is the meaning behind your name or your kids' name?

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