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Kristen Bell Uses Anna and Elsa To Resolve Conflict Between Daughters

Premiere Of Disney's "Frozen 2" - Red Carpet

Last night was the big Hollywood premiere of Frozen 2 and honestly, I'm SO READY for this movie.

Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell of course are returning as sisters Anna and Elsa and it turns out, Kristen actually uses her own character and her sister, Elsa at home to help solve conflicts between her daughters.

Kristen shares daughters Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4, with husband Dax Shepard, and anyone who has ever had a sister knows things can get... pretty intense when fights and arguments start to break out between two sisters.

So what does Kristen do? She asks the girls to think about what the sisters in Frozen (and now in Frozen 2) would do.

She explained how it works to PEOPLE last night at the movie's premiere:

“I don’t make them watch the clips, but when I, on a daily basis, watch them try and wring each other’s necks, I say ‘Hm, would Anna and Elsa do this, would Anna and Elsa feel this way about their sister? What would Anna and Elsa do?’"

Honestly, this is a life hack for anyone who's kids love Frozen as much as Kristen and Dax's daughters do. Kristen continued:

“That’s the power of story, right? They respect this story so much and they know this narrative and they know these girls care, so it’s an easy way to pop them out of their anger and think about being kind for a second.”

I do wonder if her daughters understand that their mom is Anna? Or if they're just characters they love and respect and don't want to let down.

By the way, Lincoln and Delta got to know all about the story line AND hear the songs long before the movie came out. Kristen joked a couple months back that she might be "screwed" because her daughters are pretty chatty. But hey! Doesn't sound like they have leaked anything yet.Good work, girls.

Frozen 2 will be released in theaters on November 22nd. The wait is almost over!

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