This Man's Letter To His 'Childless' Self Went Viral And It's A Must-Read



A lot changes in your life when you have kids, I know I lived a verrrry different life before I got pregnant with Aiza and Maxon.

One dad wrote a post to his childless self, after having welcomed his third son, and the post went viral because it is SO sweet and such a good read, for people with kids or those without!

Ted Gonder shared the letter to his 24-year-old self on Facebook. In it, he offers tips on being a support partner, including "change every diaper you can" and "make her the decaf coffee every morning."

The post now has more than 55,000 shares and 68,000 likes.

Other highlights from the letter, where Ted details the advice he would give the man he was before he and his wife welcomed their first child, include:

"Wifey carried baby IN her belly for 9 months. So you carry baby ON your belly for 9 months every chance you get. Not only does it help her recover but it bonds you to your kid more than imaginable."

"Wifey is breastfeeding and--while beautiful and fulfilling for her--it's exhausting. So you change EVERY diaper you can. From diaper #1 onward. You will get over the grossness fast."

"Make her the decaf coffee every morning. Even if she leaves it cold and forgets to drink it most mornings because she falls back asleep while you're working or (later) taking the kids to school."

And, last but not least, "tell her she is beautiful and help her see that in the moments when she is feeling most self critical and hopeless about her body."

Ted wrote the letter after he and his wife welcomed their third child, he told Good Morning America.

"I was lucky to spend several weeks on paternity leave. In between changing newborn diapers and playing with our 1 and 4-year-olds... Those few weeks provided a chance to reflect on how much I've learned on the beautiful battlefield of parenting in the first few years. My incredible wife has birthed three kids in 5 years and we've co-parented every step of the way, so a lot of my biggest learnings have been about how to be a supportive partner before and after birth."

Basically, every parent should read this letter at some point in their parenting journey. Mom's, too!

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