Check Out My Tour Of SoFi Stadium During Construction!

It's not every day that you get to tour a new stadium as it is being built... but this week I got to stop in and get a tour of SoFi Stadium, you know, the new home to the Los Angeles Chargers!

So, the stadium is obviously still under construction but I got to see EVERYTHING. From where my season tickets for the Chargers games will be, to the way the athletes and VIPs will get into the stadium, and I learned sooo much about why they made certain decisions for the stadium and the surrounding areas. Like, did you know the field is actually underground?!

It was an amazing experience from the get go. I had to wear boots and they gave me a neon green vest AND a hard hat just to be able to go on the tour. One of the first things you notice when you walk into the stadium is that the field is several stories below the field.

So when you walk into the stadium you're about 6 or 7 stories up, and you walk down to get to the seats close to the field. They built it this way because LAX is so close by, but the planes fly to the north and south of the field, rather than directly over it, so the sound of the planes isn't that noticeable. And it definitely won't be too noticeable during a loud NFL game.

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Also, if you know me at all, you know how much I love my Chargers. I got to see where my season ticket seats will be in the new stadium. There was something so special about that moment, I swear I was so excited I almost cried. I mean, my family is going to have so many memories in this stadium and in those seats!

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Some other MAJOR moments from the tour included learning about what the stadium will do with the actual field. So, it will sit on concrete, and 9 months out of the year there will be a field there for both teams to play on. But at the END of every season, a local high school will end up getting the field donated to them! And in the off season, other events will take place like concerts and monster truck and things that need to take place not on a football field.

I think that is SUCH a great idea, because of course these stadiums replace their field regularly, so why not donate them to a local high school in need.

The other big thing to look for when you eventually go is the screen. SoFi Stadium will have the world’s best technology including the Oculus – a video screen over 4 stories high and 110 yards long.

The new home to the Los Angeles Chargers opens in 2020! If you want to reserve seats, go to and join me and my family at the games! I CANNOT wait!!!

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