These Are The Most Googled Halloween Costumes Of 2019



Have you figured out what you're going to be for Halloween yet? Well, if you haven't then you may want to know what the most searched for costumes are this year.

Whether they give you ideas,or tell you what to steer away from, these are the most GOOGLED costumes so far in 2019. And, honestly, some may surprise you.

The number one costume that has been searched... Pennywise from It.

I don't know who would really want to be this scary clown, but the movie was obviously popular so I guess it makes sense. Pennywise is horrifying and either requires a lot of face make up to look that scary or just a mask to give you the full look, but be careful if you're going to dress like this guy around children. He even freaks me out, and I like scary movies.

The second and third most searched costumes are probably the ones that surprised me most. number two was simply a witch. And number three was Spider-Man (I guess those movies were big this year, too!). People are likely also searching for their KIDS costumes a lot, so that would explain why searching for a witch made the top 2.

Number four was a dinosaur (probably also for the kids) and also rounding out the top most searched costumes were pop culture costumes like characters from The Descendants and Stranger Things.

I think it's likely that we will be seeing a LOT of Steve Harrington and Robin in their Scoops Ahoy! uniforms running around on Halloween since that was suuuch a big moment and plot line of the latest season of Stranger Things.

What is everyone else being for Halloween? I am doing something pop culture but not exactly something you would predict just based on this year (and yes it's a full family costume with me, Michael and the twins!)

Can't wait to see what everyone else goes as!!

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