California Is Working To Ensure All Students Have Meals At School

US First Lady Michelle Obama holds a pla

US First Lady Michelle Obama holds a pla

There is a bill in California working to make sure all kids at school have access to lunches - even if their families cannot pay for them.

Governor Gavin Newsome signed the bill into legislation, which will not allow schools to deny a kid their choice of a meal even if their parents have not paid for the meal fees.

According to Newsome, the bill is an amends 2017 Child Hunger Prevention and Fair Treatment Act and makes it so that the kids who cannot pay the meal fees don't "stick out" at school for having the cheaper meal options.

Governor Newsome said he was inspired by the story of a 9-year-old student named Ryan Kyote, who drew attention to how kids at his school were singled out because they didn't have enough money in their food accounts. Ryan ended up using his allowance he had saved to pay off his third-grade class's lunch debt, because he didn't want some kids to not be able to eat the lunches that the other kids, who's families had paid the meal fees, were having.

In a statement, Newsome said: "'Creating a California for All' means ensuring schools are inclusive, accepting, and welcoming of all kids. These bills help move us closer to that goal."

Some presidential candidates have gotten on board with Governor Newsome's goals here in California, with Bernie Sanders backing up the idea to extend lunch services to all students regardless of their ability to pay.

I don't know about you (and we certainly don't have to get into the politics of it all) but I am all for kids at school having one less thing to worry about if their family cannot pay lunch fees. They deserve to not be singled out AND to be able to eat what everyone else at school is eating, right? I just imagine if it were my kids, I wouldn't want them feeling singled out.

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