This Week's Hometown Hustler Is Changing The Game For Tortillas

Let's face it, we're all obsessed with tacos.

But while I'm sure you've thought of making sure you have the best meat for your tacos - have you spent a lot of time considering if your tortillas are the best they can be? I'm going to guess you haven't spent a ton of time thinking about your tortillas. Until now.

This week's Hometown Hustler is absolutely going to change tortillas as you know them.

Ricardo Ortega of Kernel of Truth Organics is passionate about the fact that the tortillas we're getting in stores aren't made how they should be. Instead the tortillas we eat should just be made of three things: corn, cal and water.

The tortillas you're buying at the grocery stores are unfortunately made from a leading brand of corn flour that includes gums and preservatives in it. And let's face it, we're all avoiding those things! So why accept them in our tortillas?

Ricardo and his business partner Ommar Ahmen spend three nights a week working in the small factory they have leased for about a year, to produce about 15,000 tortillas per evening the old-fashioned way.

While Ricardo and Ommar originally thought selling fresh masa for people to be able to make their own tortillas with... but then they decided that they wanted to compete with the bigger brands in grocery stores and make these kinds of tortillas accessible to everyone.

And just take one look at these tortillas and you mouth will literally start watering...

If you want to get your hands on some of these tortillas, there are several places throughout the city that you can pick them up. Sara's Market in Los Angeles, Cookbook in both Echo Park and Highland Park and at El Machete at the Hollywood Farmer's Market.

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