Kristen Bell's Daughter Adorably Sings Lizzo In The Car

D23 Expo 2019

D23 Expo 2019

Kids really can make anything the most adorable thing in the world.

Like, I don't think you imagine a little girl singing Lizzo's "Good As Hell" to be the best thing you'll see all week... but... it is.

Kristen Bell recorded her drive to school featuring a special performance by her daughter - though it's unclear which of she and Dax Sheppard's two daughters it is. Kristen and Dax share daughters Lincoln, 6 years old, and Delta, 4 years old. So it really could have been either!

Kristen took a selfie video of herself listening to the sweet little voice singing along to Lizzo and put an "on my way to school" gif on the video and included "with @lizzobeeating" tag.

We imagine the singer caught in action is probably their 6 year old Lincoln just based on which daughter might be the best at remembering Lizzo lyrics, but hey, you never know. 4-year-olds can be Lizzo stans, too!

And may we never forget that Delta is clearly a singer, too. Kristen shared this hilarious video of her daughter screaming along to "Let It Go" (you know, from Frozen aka the movie that Kristen stars in...) last year.

Having kids is so much fun. I mean, this is all just pure entertainment for mom and dad, right?! And if you're going to have your daughters look up to anyone, it's amazing that it happens to be a cartoon version of their mom and her cartoon sister... and Lizzo. Those are some amazing role models right there!

I can't wait to see what songs my kids start singing in the car. I've been playing Calvin Harris for them since the day they were born so, maybe their first song with be a Calvin song?

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