People Are Sharing The Cutest Animoji Videos On Twitter


Have you ever handed your phone over to your child to find the funniest photos and videos they took later on?

Mine are still a little young to purposefully make any videos or to know what an animoji is, but this week on Twitter people are sharing the animoji videos that their sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, etc have been taking in the form of animals and they are SO. CUTE.

The first video that launched the entire thread is of a little girl with the octopus animoji. And it will make you literally go "awwww" when you watch it.

A Twitter user named Sophia kicked the trend off with this tweet:


People then followed up with tweets of their own videos, saying things like, "My 4 year old sister singing the ABCs" and "My little brother too lmao."

The best thing is these little kid voices coming out of animojis like the octopus, the pig, the alien and more.

Here are some of my absolutely favorite videos:


I mean, the little face!!!


And of course you can't forget Baby Shark!

To top off the cuteness overload, Katy Perry actually joined in and shared a video her niece had made for her sister. And it will definitely make you say AWWWWW!


If this didn't melt your heart, do you even have a heart?!

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