Gabrielle Union Shares Video Of Daughter Kaavia's First Words


We're lucky enough that Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade choose to share their adorable daughter and all of her hilarious moments - and faces she makes - with us on Instagram.

Not all celebrities are so open with the world about their kids, and I totally get it! I even was worried about sharing so much of my twins online, until they were here and I just couldn't help myself.

But the latest video that Gabrielle shared of their daughter, Kaavia James Union Wade documents her first words, and the video is equal parts SO SWEET and hilarious.

Gabrielle, who you may know is currently a judge on America's Got Talent, shared a video asking her daughter to say "bye bye." It took a moment to get Kaavia to repeat after her, but she did finally get the words out in the sweetest little "bye bye" ever. But it was Gabrielle's caption that will make you LOL.

She wrote, "Get ready world. Next stop, #agt judges table! Bye bye."

See the moment for yourself:


Yep! I think she's ready to take on her mom's job now! She knows how to say "bye bye" and I'm sure she could hit the golden buzzer with a little assistance.

What's also hilarious is that "bye bye" seems like a pretty fitting first word for Kaavia, who's personality we all have gotten to know online since she was born back in November 2018. Gabrielle and Dwayne often share photos of Kaavia - who also has her own Instagram with 874k followers - and she seems to have perfected a perfect side eye already.


I mean. Just look at this little face!!!


And she regularly seems pretty unimpressed with her super-cool parents.


But hey! She does smile a lot more now as she's getting older. So, it's not all side eye all the time.


Still, so cute!!!

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