Shay Mitchell Gets Candid About Wearing Diapers During Her Pregnancy

Actress Shay Mitchell has kept things incredibly candid throughout her pregnancy so far - or at least since she decided to announce it to the world just over a month ago.

And her latest video on her YouTube channel is no different. In fact, it may be her most candid confession yet: she's wearing diapers throughout her pregnancy because she has to go that much.

In the second episode of her new series, "Almost Ready", where she shows clips of her life as she and boyfriend Matte Babel prepare for their first child together after having previously suffered a miscarriage, Shay reveals during a fitting that she does, indeed, wear diapers.

"Honestly guys, I've never known that somebody could pee as much as you do when you're pregnant. I swear to God, in a half an hour, I went to the bathroom probably about 22 times last night, to the point where I was like, 'I'm f---ing wearing diapers.'"

And yes, she even shows off the diaper she's wearing to prove her point, and she's completely serious. But for her, it's the best alternative than having to literally go to the bathroom ALL. THE. TIME.

Look, it's not uncommon for brand new moms to have to sport diapers or disposable underwear after giving birth, but I can't say I personally have heard of someone needing them before. But all of our bodies are different, and I have to believe that if Shay is doing it, so are a LOT of other pregnant women. They're just not talking about it!

And hey, it definitely means that Shay will be beyond ready for the diaper phase after birth. And believe me, she won't be alone in that.

If you recall, Chrissy Teigen also shared her experiences with wearing diapers after giving birth to she and John Legend's first child, their daughter Luna.

A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!

We are so excited for you, Shay!! Can't wait for you to meet your baby girl, it will absolutely change your life.

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