Taco Bell Resort Executive Chef Reveals What The Food Will Really Be Like


I never realized just how enticing a Taco Bell Resort would be... until Taco Bell announced the limited time summer getaway and all the details that go along with it.

I mean everything will be themed to all your taco desires. There will be Taco Bell merch every where you look and Taco Bell food at any hour of the day.

And the resort's Executive Chef - who also says you can call him, "Taco Whisperer…Recipe Innovator…Creator" - just opened up about what exactly the food will be like at the resort and... yum.

Executive Chef (or whatever you want to call him) Rene Pisciotti has been with Taco Bell for over 12 years and has been the driving force behind any and all of the chain's wacky new items.

“There’s a team of us here of about ten chef-scientists, and we’re on point for creating all the new innovations,” he told PEOPLE. “We test all of the items, and some launch, but most don’t. That’s really my day job.”

But as for what will be available at the resort, The Bell?

Well, Rene has been testing out new recipes for the last 5 months just to get something delicious and surprising for the guests who will be staying there. And by the way, those guests have to be pretty HUGE Taco Bell fans, because the limited-time resort's openings sold out in 2 minutes when they first became available.

The chef's favorite two dishes includes the avocado toast - with radishes and "diablo puffs" (a creation of his that he likens to a vegan chicharon and is made with Taco Bell’s signature diablo sauce) and his new Taco Bell chilaquiles.

Possibly the best creation for The Bell? Room Service. Which is only available for breakfast... and features a make your own breakfast taco bar.

“You can hang out in your air-conditioned room at your own leisure and make some tacos and get ready for your day,” he says.

Sounds like a literal dream right?

Chef Rene says perfecting the menu has been a bit daunting, but the time is almost here for those who got their reservations within the first two minutes! The first check in begins August 8th and the final check out will be on August 12th.

Maybe if the weekend is a success, we can convince The Bell to come back for a couple additional weekends?!

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