Irina Shayk Talks The Importance Of Being Your Authentic Self As A Mom



Sure, she's going through a break up with the father of her child, but it doesn't show in her photos or in her interview for

While Irina Shayk doesn't address the break up specifically, she did chat about life as a mom (which is something she usually keeps relatively private) and she made some seriously good points about the need to be your authentic self when you're a mom.

Irina shares 2-year-old daughter Lea de Seine with now-ex Bradley Cooper and for her, she feels she is the best mom she can be when she is being the most authentic version of herself.

She went on to say:

“You have to be really truly yourself for your kids, otherwise you're living in a lie. Tell me one reason why, just because you're a mother, that you need to wear a longer skirt. No! I don't believe in that."


I think so many moms struggle with this feeling that they can't dress the way they did before or have the friendships with their girlfriends that they did before baby because of the new role in their lives, and we need more moms out there telling the truth: you just need to be exactly who you are!

In the interview, she also shared her feelings on motherhood being an "addition" to a woman's life:

"Why should you have to change who you are and how you feel just because you become a mother? I really believe if you love something, you can prioritize your time. (Motherhood) is just an addition to your life.”

Irina also opened up about growing up in Russia and how moms did it all:

"Women can raise the kids, women can do the job, and when she's back, she can cook and clean and do the heavy work too!"

Love Irina for opening up about this - it's such a great reminder that we CAN do it all, and still be our true selves.

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