Watch As High School Student With Autism Receives Diploma To Silent Ovation

If you're having a bad day, this sweet story from a high school graduation is about to make your day a whole lot brighter, but it also might make you tear up.

One New York high school student's dreams came true during his high school graduation ceremony thanks to a bit of help from his classmates and all of those in attendance - he was able to walk across the stage and receive his diploma just like every one else. And he did so in silence.

Jack Higgins, the graduate from Carmel High School, has autism and is highly sensitive to loud noises. So the school's principal, Lou Riolo, asked Jack's fellow graduates and all of their family and friends to refrain from clapping or shouting at all when Jack came out to graduate.

Lou explained the situation before Jack, who has been a student at the school for eight years, was introduced at the June ceremony: “Unlike many of us, Jack is super sensitive to loud noises... “I’m going to ask a big favor of everybody today. I would like everyone to not clap, and not cheer. That’s correct. Not clap and not cheer, because it may overstimulate Jack as he comes to the podium to receive his diploma.”

And the kindness of every one in that room really came through, because the silent ovation was a huge success, as you can see in the emotional and sweet video below.

As you can see, at the beginning, Jack has his ears covered just in case there is some loud noise, but it quickly becomes obvious that he does not need to cover his ears, because everyone is staying completely silent and either waving their hands in the air or giving Jack an incredibly quiet golf clap.

I honestly held it together at first. But then when everyone started standing. Oh I completely lost it.

Shout out to the incredibly kind and compassionate students of Carmel High School in New York. This was such a beautiful moment, and I can't imagine how much it meant to Jack and his family for them to be able to all experience this moment.

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