Taron Egerton And Elton John Sang 'Your Song' As A Duet Live

It's not every day that Elton John brings someone on stage with him for a duet. It's also not every day that people in the audience get the chance to see Elton perform with the actor who perfectly played Elton in the movie about his life, Rocketman.

But over the weekend, the audience at Elton's show in Hove, UK were in for a serious treat when Elton invited Taron Egerton on stage to sing "Your Song" with him.

If you've seen Rocketman, then you know just how incredible Taron is. And if you haven't seen Rocketman then, first of all, you absolutely should go as soon as possible, but you're also about to find out just how amazing Taron is.

Watch their perfect duet here:

In the video you can see Taron wearing some of Elton's signature glasses, a touching nod to the singer he played on screen but also developed a sweet friendship with.

What's even cooler about this moment is that "Your Song" was a song that Taron previously performed long before he was ever cast as the iconic artist. It was the song he auditioned for drama school with.

I'm sure standing on stage and singing it with Elton himself was an incredibly surreal and full-circle moment for him.

After the performance, Elton shared a sweet photo and caption:

This friendship really is my favorite thing. I didn't know how close the pair was when I saw the film, but it was clear that Taron had a special connection to the character - and it turns out it's because he and Elton became so close throughout working on the film.

And seriously, if you haven't seen it, go as soon as you can. The acting is amazing, the music is perfectly done, it's all just really fantastic.

Not to mention, Taron was SO great when he came in studio recently!

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