Hilaria Baldwin Stopped Co-Sleeping With Son Romeo For His Safety

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Things are changing in the Baldwin household. Hilaria Baldwin just opened up about her decision to stop co-sleeping with she and husband Alec's son Romeo - and it's all for his safety.

Just a month ago Hilaria opened up about suffering a miscarriage, and now she's opening up more about her life at home as a mom, talking about the emotional decision to stop co-sleeping.

She shared a photo of her son breastfeeding and wrote a lengthy caption about the tough decision to stop co-sleeping. My husband and I never co-slept with our twins (there just isn't room!!) but I know moms who still sleep with their kids, even long after they are toddlers.


In the post, Hilaria reveals that she typically co-sleeps with her kids while she is nursing them, which is usually about a year. She previously felt safe about it because she and Alec are "stationary" sleepers but that she had to make this decision for Romeo's safety after he started to move around a lot more.

"So I’ve decided that, for his safety and our sleep, he is going to learn to stay in his crib over night. It is hard...because I’m going to miss this...the cuddling at night."

She continued on:

"yesterday was the first night he wasn’t in bed with us. It was tough, and there were definitely tears—both his and mostly mine...but I know that everyone has to grow up. We will just have to cuddle that much more during the day."

I think she has a great outlook on it! She made it almost a year with him, and now he just has to "grow up" and they will still get their cuddle time elsewhere.

Have you had any experience with co-sleeping? I have to imagine that once you start, it's hard to stop and teach them to stay in their cribs!

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