2019's Best And Worst States To Raise A Family In

I love where my family and I live, but I do often think about where else we could live that would be great for the kids and for our family in general.

Of course, I'm not going anywhere, but if you have more flexibility on where you can live for work, you may want to consider this new report that shows the best and worst places to raise a family.

Insurance company Policygenius studied each state and determined which states are the best to live in, and which are less ideal when raising a family.

The things taken into consideration for Policygenius' study included safety, housing affordability, financial security, the cost of education and child care, the divorce rate, and others.

Each of these things were weighed equally against the others, and ultimately, the researchers found that states in which housing was expensive, crime was regular, child care options were scarce or overpriced, and many people lived in poverty ranked lower in the standings, while other states where the opposite was true took the top spots.

I mean, when you think of it that way, it's pretty clear why certain states fall lower on the list!

If you live in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, North Dakota or Nebraska, things look GREAT for you. Those states scored a 63 and above! So good on you!

California, where I live, however... we only scored a 47.5 (though on the chart, we still fit into the "green" category of states which makes me believe we're doing alright!)

The lowest-ranking states for where you should raise your family? It's not looking great for District of Columbia, Louisiana and New Mexico.

But hey, this study was done on states as a whole, I am sure there are cities and areas that are much better for raising kids than others! Think of New York... NYC and upstate New York are very different places. So it's hard to judge!

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