Football Player Proposes To Girlfriend During Halftime Of Spring Game


If you love proposal stories, just get ready to really fall in love with this one.

The Ohio State punter, Drue Chrisman used their spring game as a chance to pop the question to his now-fiance Avery Eliason.

Drue asked Avery to marry him during half time of the spring game, and it's clear it took a LOT of planning and coordination to make the special moment happen.

Drue managed to convince Avery that she was being brought on the field during half time as part of a half time "field goal kick" competition with other players and their girlfriends. While this worked to get Avery onto the field, it also made the moment perfect, as Drue was already bent down on one knee, holding the ball for Avery to kick.

As she ran toward him, he stopped her, put down the ball and pulled out a ring box. She seems very surprised that this was all happening, but the moment is so sweet:


In the background, you can see other people filming the moment. It's clear a LOT of people were involved in the planning of such a special moment for the couple, and Avery thanked them on Twitter after she realized juuust how many people were involved in the day.


Drue told reporters after the proposal about how he convinced Avery to come onto the field, telling her it was a competition and that she was completely surprised.

He also joked that she was probably relieved she didn't have to kick the ball at all:

"Honestly, I think she was more relieved that she didn’t have to kick a ball than when she actually got proposed to. It worked out perfectly.”

What makes this proposal even cuter? While the couple has only officially been dating for about a year... they've actually known each other much, much longer.

“I’ve known her my whole life, actually. She was my neighbor growing up, so I finally got out of the friend zone,” he said.

Love a good "got out of the friend zone" story!!

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