#OOTD: Coachella Day 1

You KNOW half of the fun of Coachella is the fashion - and the fashion-watching - so I'll be sharing each of my outfits with you guys throughout the weekend.

For day one, we decided to head to the festival early and stay the whole day. So I knew I needed something that would be comfortable to walk around in (seriously, we walked about 10 miles yesterday) and something that would keep me a little bit warm when the winds picked up at night.

Dress: black high/low dress by Rock Ettiquette. I got my dress years ago, but this one is similar.

Kimono: In The Limelight Duster by Vici - this kimono is sold out but I linked a couple others like it here, here and here.

Fun fact: I recently discovered Vici Collection and I'm obsessed.

Boots: mid-calf boot with buckles, that I also got YEARS ago (I wear them every Coachella) but here are some like them.

The kimono and flowy dress were perfect with the little bit of wind that we had yesterday afternoon.

I will say, if you're looking for a little more of a shock-value look, there are lots of options this year.

The amount of buttcheeks I saw was... a lot. Girls were opting for bikini bottoms with no pants, or very sheer pants. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it!

There was also a lot of neon in the crowds. So if you've ever wanted to dress like an alien, this is your time to shine.

We had so much fun yesterday - can't wait to see what today brings! What are you all going to be wearing this weekend or next weekend if you're coming out for weekend two?

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