I'm Having Strange New Hair Growth??

Can someone help me understand what on earth is happening with my hair?!

Hear me out. I know that our bodies change a LOT during and after pregnancy. And that's just part of life, but I don't fully know what is happening or why all these months later I'm suddenly having new hair growth. 

I expected to have a LOT of my hair fall out after giving birth to the twins, but after having not experienced too much of that, I did not expect to have all this random hair growth coming in after 8 months!

It's really not that big deal, but look at that chunk of baby hairs growing in the picture I posted to Instagram stories (and again above here!) Is it going to take a long time for these to grow in and just mesh well with the rest of my hair?

Any moms out there who experienced this... I would LOVE some tips on what to do with these brand new baby hairs. I can't wear my hair back or anything right now.

What else should I prepare to change over the next year? I thought the changes might be done since the babies are getting closer and closer to a year old (HOW) and I'm not breast feeding any more.

Fellow moms - help!!

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