People Cannot Handle Beyonce Shopping At Target Like The Rest Of Us

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I do NOT wake up feeling anything like Beyonce every day. Not at all, actually. Even though she is also a mom to twins and all.

But today, I kind of woke up feeling a little bit like Beyonce. Because apparently Beyonce, like the rest of us, totally shops at Target.

Queen Bey was seen out and about at a Target in LA alone, doing her shopping while looking fabulous as ever in an orange jumpsuit. I mean just imagine walking around your local Target and seeing, in the flesh, BEYONCE. 

People obviously freaked out on Twitter about the Bey sighting, and I don't really blame them. I mean, what do you think she was purchasing? Why did she decide to go to Target alone?

Would you absolutely freak out if you saw Beyonce? 

Of course our favorite Chrissy Teigen knew exactly why Beyonce was at Target. 

Which reminds me, I really should go to Target and get some of Chrissy's new line of knives and other kitchen goods.

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Photo: Getty Images

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