Ten Of My Favorite Moments Of 2018!

For so many reasons, this year has been one of the most incredible of my life.

Though we certainly faced our challenges (I mean, helloooo still figuring out this whole 'motherhood' thing one day at a time!), it was difficult to pick my favorite moments from the year because each one has felt so special and significant.

BUT, I've tried to sum it all up as best as I can.

10. My podcasts!

At the very beginning of this year I started my first podcast Twinning With Sisanie and it has evolved into such a fun show with my husband Michael where we talk about EVERYTHING with the twins - their good days, their bad days, their first foods, you get it.

Later in the year I started the Mommy Moves podcast with Patty! We have had so much fun talking to other moms about how they make it work while being a working mom or simply being a mom trying to get through the day. 

I feel SO lucky to get to talk to all each week and share this experience alongside you.

9. Hosting "Live! With Kelly and Ryan" while pregnant

The first time I filled in for the incredible Kelly Ripa was RIGHT before I got pregnant. This time they asked me to fill in when I was only about 6 weeks from delivering and I was so scared. But it was too great an opportunity to pass up, and we made it work! 

We also showed the twins' 4-D sonograms on the show which is a moment I will never forget. Here is the look on Ryan's face seeing them for the first time:

8. Hosting the 'Second Act' premiere and interviewing JLo on the red carpet

I mean. You guys. I am OBSESSED with Jennifer Lopez, we've had her on the show before and everything but hosting the premiere for HER movie was incredible. And I got to do it alongside my girls Tanya Rad and Patty. Truly an unforgettable day.

Just LOOK at JLo!

7. The day the twins were born

OK, so this isn't really my 7th favorite moment, it's probably my favorite moment of all time! But since the rest of these moments really involve the twins, it's hard not to put this one in there right away. They are truly my WORLD and I sometimes cannot believe they're really here. Even all these months later!

That day was not easy. But looking back I am just so happy to have my healthy, happy babies here!

6. Halloween

This Halloween was so much fun - at work we all dressed like different version of Ryan (sorry dude, it was just too much fun!) and then at night I had a little Halloween party at the house and Michael and I had our family costume with the babies as Siegfried and Roy and their two white tigers.

Michael wouldn't stop talking in an accent all night and I couldn't take him seriously for an entire day.

5. The twins' first trip to Disneyland!

I didn't think I was going to make us be a Disney family but let me tell you, after that trip, WE ARE A DISNEY FAMILY! We had the best time exploring all of the kid rides and parts of the park that we had never thought of before. In fact, in the new year, Michael and I promise to do a full podcast on our experience at Disneyland because there are SO many fun things you can do with little kids!

4. The longest World Series game ever... WITH the twins

Yes, I'm sure you've heard all about our crazy trip to Dodger Stadium during the World Series this year. We bought tickets super last minute and decided to take Aiza and Maxon for their first sporting event, baseball game, Dodger game and ironically World Series game! Things were going great and we luckily had packed extra of EVERYTHING because the game went for 18 innings.

We allllmost left so many times, but how could we have left when the game was making history?! Plus, the Dodgers won that game so it was worth it.

3. The twins' first Chargers game

The Chargers organization means so much to me and Michael and I are both HUGE fans, so getting to take our kids to their first game was such a special experience. They even got on the Jumbotron! I wrote all about how special it was to me in the caption of the pic below!

We had such a fun day at this Chargers game aaaand the Chargers won. Talk about two little good luck charms, right??

2. Watching Michael as a dad

I thought I loved my husband as much as physically possible before I was pregnant. And then I thought that again with the way he took care of me when I was pregnant. And then... he became a dad. And you guys, he is the greatest dad and the greatest partner to share this crazy life with. I feel so lucky every day that we have each other and that we're in it together. Life with twins is NOT easy, I think life as a new parent in general is difficult. So getting to have such a great teammate is more than I could have ever asked for.

1. Watching these babies grow up

Every day there is something new with Aiza and Maxon, and I am constantly in awe of how much they learn, how much they grow, and the way they love (my, Michael, each other, everyone who visits us at home!) They are such sweet babies who each have their own little personalities. It's crazy to think that this time last year, they were still in my belly and we didn't really know them yet.

I love every moment of getting to be their mom. Now please stop growing up so fast!

What have been YOUR favorite moments of your year? I love looking back this time of year at all the amazing things, and then looking ahead at what's still to come in the new year.

Happy holidays to all of you! Thanks for being a part of this wild ride.

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