These Celebs Don't Do Traditional Christmas Morning With Their Kids

Do you have a non-traditional view on giving your kids gifts for the holidays? If so, you might have similar views to some of these celebrities who either don't give gifts at Christmas or are very limited in what they give.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher:

Mila and Ashton are parents to Wyatt (4 years old) and Dimitri (2 years old), and choose to give to charity over giving their kids gifts. Their reasoning makes sense, though! The kids get pretty over-the-top gifts from their grandparents, and Mila and Ashton want them to grow up knowing there's more to life than gifts and what money can buy. The couple isn't anti-gifts at all, but definitely don't want to OVER gift.

Chip and Joanna Gaines:


Fans of Fixer Upper know about the family and their ADORABLE kids. But what people may not know is that Chip and Jo choose not to give gifts on Christmas. Instead they, as a family, buy gifts for others and give to those in need. They admitted that they wanted to impact their kids in a "big picture way" and knew how out of hand gifts for a family of 6 could get (now a family of 7!)

Kim and Kayne:


Growing up as a kid in the Kardashian family, or growing up as a West means you have access to just about anything you want... if your parents will allow you to have it. So Kim and Kanye choose not to give their three children gifts for Christmas because they're trying to teach them humility. 

I, personally, know I'm the kind of mom who is totally going to go overboard, at least for these first couple of Christmasses with the twins. I think over time you start to limit yourself, because you don't want to raise a kid who is a bit spoiled!

But WOW is it hard not to want to buy evvverything for your baby during the holidays!

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