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Being A Morning Person May Actually Be Really Good For Your Health

Are you a morning person? 

I, because of my job, absolutely am! Even before the babies, I could nevvver sleep past 8am on the weekends because I am so used to waking up early Monday-Friday for work.

But there's good news for us morning people, especially women - it's apparently great for our health in the long run and may lower our risk for breast cancer.

Obviously there are a LOT of factors that determine your level of risk for breast cancer, but studies are showing that being a morning person may have an affect.

According to a press release from the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) in the UK, the study observed the sleeping habits and preferences of hundreds of thousands of women and found that women who report waking up earlier and getting things done on the front end of the day (morning people) rather than functioning better at the end of the day (night owls), may have a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

You may think this is all based on how much sleep the participants in the study were getting, but that's not actually what researchers concluded.

Overall, the study just found that being a person who prefers mornings to nights is associated with roughly a 40 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer. 

Which is a really large percentage!

Unfortunately, per the NCRI press release, the researchers doing this study have said that they're not certain of the reason for the association, and that the connection itself might be "more complex." All that to say, lowering your risk of breast cancer is likely not as simple as switching up your daily routine.

So, it's not a perfect science for now. The study doesn't mean that being a morning person completely saves you from the risk of breast cancer, and it also doesn't mean that being a night owl means you will get it for certain! But it does show a correlation that is something to think about!

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