My New Podcast 'Mommy Moves' With Patty Is Here!!

If you haven't heard by now, I have some maaaajor news - Patty Rodriguez and I have started a brand new podcast called Mommy Moves with Sisanie and Patty.

On the podcast we talk all about being moms in different stages of life - I have 6 month old twins, Patty has a 2 year old and a 7 year old - as well as trying to continue moving forward in our careers, even when we don't feel like we have it all figured out.

We have released FIVE episodes so far, each of which cover different topics about motherhood. From trying to sleep train your kids, to our parents trying to tell us how to be parents, to taking our kids to vote with us in the midterm elections, we've got a bit of it all.

Our latest episode was especially important to us because we talked about Patty's birthday weekend that she spent with her father, and the big revelation she had while visiting with him in Stockton.

You can listen to the new podcast here:

BUT, the podcast isn't just about our lives! 

We want our fellow moms out there to be able to talk with us, bring up topics, ask questions, and of course, suggest guests to have on the show!

We will have our first guest episode NEXT WEEK and we're excited to expand our mom community and bring in some new ideas and insight on being a mom who makes moves with each new guest.

Have a question for us to discuss? Have a guest you just NEED us to bring on? Hit me up on Instagram or Twitter @sisanie or Patty's instagram @pattyrodriguez and we will do our best to talk about the things YOU are going through and the people you want to hear from!

Excited for this new community!

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