This Dad Made The Most 'Dad' Mistake While Getting A New Credit Card

For whatever reason, there is something just SO funny about dads. When they make terrible jokes, when they dress poorly, annnnd when they make hilarious mistakes. 

One girl just shared the most hilarious story of her dad making a TOTAL dad mistake while getting a new credit card, and you're going to actually laugh out loud... and then realize just how endearing the story is.

Twitter user @roasted_weenie took to Twitter to share a hilarious story of how Bank of America surprised her dad when they sent him a new credit card.

She wrote:

"So my dad got a new credit card and they asked him if he wanted a picture on it so he thought it was gonna be a tiny picture of him like the previous card he had so he sent them a picture of him and then…HE PLAYED HIMSELF BRUH!"

And included photos of the old and new credit cards (with the numbers blurred out, of course!)


You guys, when I first saw this I was laughing SO HARD! It's one of those mistakes that ANYONE could easily make, but when it does happen, it's just hilarious.

Think about going to pay for something and having to pull out a credit card... with your face on it. I guess they would never have to ask for ID!

What's even better is that once the daughter's tweet went viral, other people shared their credit card photos, revealing they had made the same mistake before and that her dad was NOT the only one!


Ohhh it's just so good. 

Have you ever done something like this?! I could totally see this happening to me or my husband. Sometimes you're just moving so fast that you're like, here use this photo! And then bam, your entire credit card is covered in your face.

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