What Kristen Bell Hid From Dax Shepard When They First Started Dating

It's the couple we're all obsessed with (just admit it, you know it's true), and of course they're keeping things real for you.

This time Kristen Bell is revealing what she hid from her hubby Dax Shepard at the beginning of their relationship. Because, face it, we've all done that thing where we lie about something or hide something at the beginning of a relationship because we desperately want them to like us.

For Kristen, she wanted to seem "more normal" to Dax, and claimed to LOVE motorcycles... but she didn't. And it ended up coming out in a hilarious way.

Watch the video below where she tells Jimmy Kimmel the story of how Dax found out she wasn't actually super into motorcycles... and how she got a pretty serious injury from riding one with him.


Kristen went as far as getting her motorcycle license to impress Dax, but on a vacation it came out that she really don't know her motorized bikes well at all.

"We had a rented scooter/motorcylce in Rome. We were driving around the city, and we stop at a gas station and he's pumping gas and he's talking to me casually, and I'm like (whimpers), and he lifts my helmet up and is like,'Are you crying?' I was sobbing."

Kristen had gotten a severe burn on her leg, but didn't want to admit that she was in pain during their ride!

And wow, have you ever heard of anything more relatable? We have ALL been in that position where we pretend like everything is cool but in reality something is very, very wrong.

This injury happened while Kristen was filming the movie When In Rome and the burn was so bad that during the fountain scenes, she had to have a garbage bag duct taped around her leg because she could not get the wound wet! 

Talk about YIKES!

But hey, we all do things like this! It's life. You're not alone, Kristen.

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