The Internet Is Living For This Meryl Streep And Cher Kiss

Everyone got a little surprise when Meryl Streep decided to show up at the Mama Mia! sequel premiere last night in London - being that there's been a lot of speculation around her role in the upcoming film. 

As you likely know, the sequel is mostly surrounding Meryl's character Donna. BUT it is all flashbacks to her young adulthood, when she met the three men from the first movie and got pregnant. 

Lily James plays a young Donna (aka a young Meryl Streep!!! what an honor!), so it is unknown just how much (if at all!) Meryl will be in the second movie.

And Meryl showing up to the premiere wasn't the only surprise - Meryl also surprised Cher by sneaking up on her during an interview:


And then Meryl and Cher surprised EVERYONE with this kiss:


"THE KIND OF CONTENT I'M HERE FOR" is just the beginning of the internet's praises for Meryl and Cher's kiss.

Tweets also said: 

"ERIKA JAYNE: I'm gonna give the gays everything they want.CHER and MERYL STREEP: Hold our ouzo."

"Bye Madonna y Britney Spears.

Cher y Meryl Streep *clapping hands emoji*"

And that's juuust the beginning of it all.

Meryl also was a total person of the people at the premiere, she was introduced as a person "who needs no introduction" (which is completely accurate!)


And then she took photos of the fans while on the red carpet rather than focusing on herself or, you know, Cher!


Overall, Meryl won the red carpet last night. And did it all while looking flawless and like she just happened to roll up like that. 

Who's going to see the new Mamma Mia! this weekend? I think I just might have to go see it... Lily James looks like she's going to be an AMAZING young Donna and of course you just can't beat the music.

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