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Has Pete Davidson's Ex Cazzie David Moved On With JFK's Grandson?

As I'm sure you recall, Pete Davidson had a long-term girlfriend who he appears to have split with JUST before he and Ariana Grande got together and quickly got engaged. 

By the way, she is a lot more than just "Pete Davidson's ex girlfriend. Cazzie David is an actress/writer/director (who also happens to be the daughter of comedian Larry David).

And look, I'm not saying Cazzie needs a man in her life to prove she has moved on from all the Pete drama (seriously, she made it pretty clear on Instagram that she's unbothered by the news), but rumor has it Cazzie is moving on and starting to date a new man... none other than the grandson of JFK, Jack Schlossberg.


Jack, 25, and Cazzie, 24, have apparently started hanging out this summer because they both have places at Martha's Vineyard. In September, Jack will be heading to his second year of law school at Harvard

But what else do we know about this Jack kid? Well, he is John F. Kennedy's only grandson, the youngest of the three kids Caroline Kennedy has, and became the only surviving male of JFK's immediate family after his maternal uncle was killed in a plane crash in 1999. He graduated from Yale in 2015 and is now at Harvard, so I think he's doing pretty well for himself in the education world.

Jack and Cazzie don't seem to be serious but have been "hanging out" this summer. And judging from what we know of the two from their Instagrams, they actually seem like they could be a good pair! 

Take one look at Jack's Instagram and it's pretty easy to tell he doesn't take life too seriously...

He posts things like this, praising Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau:


And it seems most of his Instagram is dedicated to educating people on the difference between two very similar things... like chicken fingers and chicken tenders:


Or hot tub and jacuzzi:


And he posts the very rare photo of himself, usually doing something pretty notable:


As for Cazzie? She just seems hilarious and knows how to handle being in the spotlight juuust fine. After Pete and Ariana's split she posted this incredible Instagram:


Joking "what'd I miss?" as if she had nooo idea about all the crazy news. 

And she joked that this was her "engagement photo" and like, girl, same:


Look, we know these two may not be serious or anything, but since we know Pete is very happy with Ariana, I just hope that Cazzie is happy with, or without, whoever she chooses to be with.

And if she happens to find love with a young, handsome Kennedy, then so be it!

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