Jay-Z On A Jet Ski Is The Best Meme Of The Summer

It's not every day that we get to see JAY Z or Beyonce out in "the wild" - but this week we were #blessed with photos of the Carters (including Blue Ivy) on vacation for the Fourth of July.

And that vacation gave us some of the most hilarious memes on the internet so far this summer... all thanks to JAY Z riding a jet ski, while wearing a helmet? And looking like he really doesn't want to be riding the jet ski at all.

Some of the greatest captions for the photo include "Jay Z is the first person on a jet-ski to look like they’re commuting to work" and "Jay Z looks like he’s on his way to save DJ Khaled" - the second if you recall a few years ago when DJ Khaled got lost out on his jet ski at night.

See some of the greatest memes of JAY Z here:


This one is actually a totally valid question. Like, who did tell him to wear a helmet? Are we technically ALL supposed to wear helmets when riding jet skis just in case we crash? Would it even help? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS NOW.


And look - the JAY Z awkward sports collection is easily the best thing I've seen this week. Look at him jumping into that pool with Bey! SO AWKWARD! And does he know how to throw a football? Also, what is even HAPPENING with that basketball?


By the way, even 50 Cent trolled Jay over the jet ski incident. He posted Instagrams joking that Jay was scared of the water (but agreed that he doesn't go in the ocean either) and shared a side by side photo of Beyonce on a jet ski and JAY Z on a jet ski... and Beyonce looks like she's got it handled much better.

But hey, it's okay JAY Z, you gave us some hilarious entertainment during this Fourth of July week!

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