Sisanie's Twins Take Their First Trip To The Park

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Party at 5am on a Sunday!! 😳🤗#sismictwins #maxonjae #aizadelmar

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Aiza and Maxon, Sisanie and her husband Michael's twins are already almost 2 months old (HOW) and with that, they took their very first trip to the park this week!

And judging by the posts on Instagram, it looks like they did pretty well on their big outing.

Sisanie shared several snaps of her daughter and son out at the park with she and her husband, and sure they appear a little fussy in the first photo, I mean they are still tiny babies after all, but it looks like the family of four had a great time enjoying the nice weather and getting out of the house.

Check out all the photos:

Maxon and Aiza’s first walk in the park! 🙌🏼 #sismictwins #maxonjae #aizadelmar #twinparents

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Not only did the babies take a trip to the park together, but they MATCHED while doing so!

It looks like Maxon took a little nap on his mom and Aiza totally fell asleep in dad's arms (so cute!) and that they had a little feeding while out in the sunshine. Or, out under the shady trees but, same thing!

This week, Sisanie and the twins also had some more visitors hanging out - their Tio Nelson (fun fact, Nelson used to work on the morning show!)

Aiza took a nap laying on Nelson while he watched TV and drank a glass of wine, which Sisanie calls "multitasking to a T" and it looks like he's got this Tio thing down!

Sisanie also shared a couple photos that are just too cute not to share with all of you.

First, the twins were hanging out in the Snuggle Me Organic loungers and the look on each of their faces is TOO good.

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I don't know if I will ever be living my best life as much as Aiza is living hers in this photo.

Sisanie also shared this adorable picture of little Maxon:

Is it Friday yet? #maxonjae #sismictwins

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The babies are starting to get so big!

But being the super mom that she is, Sisanie also shared that she and Michael got around to planting some BEAUTIFUL hydrangeas in their yard. 

Finally planted hydrangeas in our yard! 🙆🏻‍♀️ #summer #hydrangeas

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Yep, I think they've got this "parents of twins" thing down... for now.

It'll be a whole other story once the kids start crawling and walking and talking... But for now, they're crushing it!



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