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Kim Kardashian Is Rallying For An Edit Button On Twitter

Being Kim Kardashian is kind of a big deal every day, but lately she's been really making moves. 

She met with the president to discuss prison reform (and actually got someone released!) and now she's taking her negotiation and activism skills to something of similarly high importance - getting an edit button on Twitter.

Kim apparently had invited Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey to her husband Kanye West's birthday party. And perhaps she had a hidden agenda for extending the invite, because she later tweeted about the conversation they had, alluding that she discussed the possibility of getting that sought-after "edit" button with him.


Jack's tweet response was pretty hilarious and spot on, too:


I mean, think about it! How often do you think you've sent the *perfect* tweet, only to realize that your phone auto corrected "on" to "in" or that you misspelled a pretty significant word within the tweet and then it's just *close* to perfect.

An edit button would give us the power we NEED to fix these little mistakes and really up our social media game.

And the people of the internet are VERY here for it:


But some people actually have their concerns about the use of an edit button, because it would allow people to change their entire tweets once it gained attention from others and give it a different meaning.


BUT Twitter user Mark R. Yzaguirre made a brilliant suggestion that I hope Jack will listen to:


Sure, we could have an edit button that would help with the little typos here and there, but it wouldn't allow people to completely change a tweet long after it was written.


And by the way, Kim assured Jack that he was not invited to Kanye's birthday for this purpose alone, so don't worry about that friendship going under, people!


I'm here for Kim K fighting for the things we deserve, like Twitter edit buttons.

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