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Tan France From 'Queer Eye' Is Writing A Memoir

On February 7, 2018 the world was introduced to the incredible Queer Eye reboot on Netflix and personally? My life was changed for good.

The Fab Five who were selected for the new version of the show - Antoni Porowski (food and wine), Karamo Brown (culture), Bobby Berk (designer), Jonathan Van Ness (grooming) and Tan France (fashion) - quickly became the internet's best friends and now we're about to get a whole lot more from one of the extra fabulous guys.

Yep! Tan France, one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram and binge-watch on my TV, is writing a memoir, it was just revealed!


The official synopsis for the untitled memoir says: "For the first time, he will share his story of growing up gay in a traditional Muslim family as one of the few people of color in a small town in Northern England. And he shares the experience of coming out to his Pakistani family at the age of 34, finally revealing to them that he is happily married to his partner of over 10 years, a self-described gay Mormon cowboy from Salt Lake City. Humorous and poignant personal essays will be peppered with style advice, funny lists, and the truisms that Tan has accumulated in his journey from Doncaster, England, to Netflix."

There are so many reasons to love Tan - he is just a little ball of positivity and, not to mention, amazing style. And I would really just like for him to consider this post a request for friendship.

Here are some of my favorite Tan moments that I hope he writes about in his upcoming memoir:

How he became such good friends with Gigi Hadid and ended up getting invited to her birthday party.


OBVIOUSLY I need to know every single thing about how the casting process for Queer Eye went down and what it was like in those first weeks of getting to know the other cast members:


His experience with the cast of Saturday Night Live:


We absolutely have to know more about his amazing husband and his illustrations:


I also need to know EVERYTHING about how to look this good. Please, Tan, help me.


And one last one, just because he looks so cute!


Who else is SO excited for this memoir? I mean, I know we probably have quite some time before it comes out being that he just began writing it, but soon enough we will have season 2 of Queer Eye to binge and until THAT comes out, you can find me watching season 1 all over again and following the guys on Instagram as if we're besties.


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