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In a world where *NSYNC once reigned supreme (or Backstreet Boys, depending on who you ask) and Jessica Biel is living every girl's dream of marrying Justin Timberlake himself, it's hard to believe that Jessica was never an *NSYNC fan, right?

Well, think again. Because she just revealed that she just wasn't really listening to her future hubby back then in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" thread.

A user, mattreyu, asked: "Now, I know you're married to Justin, but back in the day were you team Backstreet Boys or team *NSYNC?"

To which Jess surprisingly responded: "I was such a theater nerd at that time that I literally wasn't listening to either of those groups. I was listening to soundtracks, like Rent and old 50's/60's music. I can be a little off on my timing. But if I had been cool, DUH, NSYNC all the way, baby!"

I mean, I guess it does make a little sense that of course she was listening to more soundtracks being an actress and all but... STILL crazy!

Another fan, JohnJoseph91 asked: "Hey Jessica! If a movie was ever made about your husbands life like Johnny Cash in Walk the Line; who do you think could play you and Justin?"

And of course Jessica had an answer: "oh, that's a no-brainer!" and included a link to this tweet:

Another highlight? A user asked Jessica which actor/actress was funniest to work with and she seemed that have answer ready for years!

She wrote: "Adam Sandler and his crew were pretty amazing to work with. Adam and Kevin James and their whole crew are hilarious to work with. Working with them is almost impossible because they're so clever and on their feet at all times and you're laughing and cracking up during every take. It's so much fun. They make comedy look easy, but it's not. It's way harder than anyone thinks."

So there you have it - she didn't listen to *NSYNC, she thinks Seth Rogen and his wife would play she and Justin in a movie and she loved working with Adam Sandler.

Thanks for doing a Reddit AMA and letting us into your world, Jessica!

Now, go listen to some *NSYNC and catch up for us, would you?!

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