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Do You Have a Hall Pass? Seacrest, Tanya & Sisanie Reveal If They Have One

Would you be OK if your partner had or wanted a hall pass? Tanya Rad revealed actor Chris Pratt shared his wife Katherine has a celeb crush.

A "hall pass" is essentially one person you are allowed to cheat on your partner with if the opportunity presented itself.

“She knows every word (of his music)," Pratt told Entertainment Tonight of Usher. "I didn’t even know that until we were doing a little road trip and she started putting on Usher and man, she knows every single word, so I guess Usher’s her hall pass. I can’t blame her.”

While Pratt was likely jokingly using the term, the question came up on-air with the team: Would you be OK with a hall pass?

Watch back the on-air moment to find out above.