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Cheers! These Are the Top 3 Best and Worst E-Mail Signoffs

How do you sign off an e-mail? And how do you perceive others sign-offs? Because your sign-offs send a message in themselves.

Here are the Top 3 best and Worst sign-offs… according to Mashable.


1) “Looking forward to hearing from you…” (too presumptuous…especially if you’re emailing someone cold)

2) “Warmly,” (more creepy than warm)

3) “Cheers,” (unless you grew up saying that…it comes off as cheesy)


1) “All the best,” (a pleasant mix of warmth and formality)

2) “Thanks,” (We should definitely thank anyone who took the time to read our email. And it’s better than “Thanks!”

3) Just your name or initials (Straightforward and effortless)

And how do we feel about auto-signatures. So every time you get an email from that person…even if it’s just “got it”…it says “Warmly yours, DC” or whatever. Feels lazy.