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Resuable Water Bottles Reportedly Hold More Bacteria Than a Toilet Seat

Sorry to ruin your day, but how often do you clean your reusable water bottle? Sisanie shared on-air today we need to be washing them way more often than we do. According to a new report, reusable bottles can harbor 40,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat!

Researchers swabbed parts of different water bottles three times each – including the spout lid, straw lid and squeeze-top lid – and found two types of bacteria present: Gram-negative rods and bacillus.

Gram-negative bacteria can cause infections that are increasingly resistant to antibiotics – while certain types of bacillus can result in stomach issues.

They contain twice the germs as the kitchen sink. They can harbor 4x the bacteria as a computer mouse and 14x more than a pet’s drinking bowl!

Experts recommend washing your water bottles at least once a day with hot soapy water.

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