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Ryan Seacrest

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'Blue Zones' Author Shares the Diet That Can Extend Your Life 10 Years

2023 is just weeks away! So how can you kick start a healthy brand new year while also adding 10 years overall to your life? Ryan Seacrest joined Dan Buettner, an award-winning National Geographic "Blue Zones" journalist who studies places in the world where people live the longest, on-air to share the diet all Americans should be living by.

Blue Zones, if you didn't know, are regions of the world where a higher-than-usual number of people live much longer than average.

Buettner shares most can live another ten years if they wean themselves off the typical American diet. Instead, focus on eating whole, plant-based foods.

Even just one cup of beans a day adds 4 years to your life!

Listen back for the exact diet and more from his book here: