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Ryan Seacrest

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Try This Hack to Stop Negative Thoughts Running Through Your Head at Night

Insomnia, sleep apnea or stress concept. Sleepless woman awake and covering face in the middle of the night. Lady can't sleep. Nightmares or depression. Suffering from headache.

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If you lay in bed at night, with the same negative thoughts running through your head over and over, today's hack will help you stop that habit and even fall asleep faster.

Ryan Seacrest shared we've all been there: Laying in bed at night, unable to turn our brains off with worries, fears and stress.

So, what can we do? Set aside daily rumination time!

Experts say spend 15 minutes in the afternoon or early evening pondering all your worries, concerns and negative thoughts. Then when those thoughts creep in other parts of the day, you say “it’s not time for that now” and save it for rumination time. You train your brain and these thoughts will start to fade!

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