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Aurora Culpo Reveals Why She Gave Now Ex-Husband an Annual 'Hall Pass'

Would you ever give your husband a hall pass to cheat once a year? The Culpo Sisters' Aurora Culpo revealed in their new TLC series she did just that. Fast-forward to today and they're now getting a divorce. We were intrigued by Aurora's story so we had her back on with Ryan Seacrest and what she learned from the experience might surprise you. Plus, if you're in your 30s and still single, listen up!

"There's a lot of growth that happened," Aurora shared on-air, reflecting on their initial age gap. "... At the time, I thought I was more evovled. ... At that time, I had so much confidence in our relationship."

That said, Aurora doesn't blame the hall pass for the reason behind their divorce.

So, what did happen? Listen back to what all went down, how she learned from it and more below. Catch The Culpo Sisters on TLC and Discovery+.