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Meghan Trainor Gets Candid About Therapy & Loving Her Postpartum Body

We can always count on Meghan Trainor to keep it real. The "Made You Look" singer shared the significance behind the smash hit as well as the therapy exercise she's doing to learn to love her postpartum body.

Meghan shared she found her therapist through her psychiatrist and that she wanted someone who specializes in famous moms.

"I have a lot of mom guilt," Meghan admitted, revealing that she's also struggling with accepting her postpartum body.

"The first day I was shaking and I was looking at the clock like 'hurry up' and by the third day, ... I was noticing things that I did like," Meghan shared of the exercise, in which she looks in the mirror naked for five minutes. "It was tough loving my body before the baby ... and then I was like, 'Lord, there's no laser for this.' ... I'm not that girl that's like, 'I love my tiger stripes!' I really have to work on [loving my body now]."

Watch back the full interview above for more realness from our girl and stream Meghan's new album Takin' It Back out now.