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Prank Caller Ali “Little Ali” Macofsky Reunites With Ryan Seacrest!

Do you remember 'Little Ali'? Ali Macofsky is all grown up! The comedian who used to make prank calls on-air with Ryan Seacrest reunited with Seacrest on Wednesday, October 5, and she's now a rising comedy star!

Ali shared with Seacrest she has vivid memories as a 6-year-old joining the show back in the day. Ali's comedy career then kicked off after she'd sneak into comedy clubs in high school using her sister's ID. She then started doing stand-up at open mics and now she's on her own tour!

"I'm very much adult Ali now," she joked to Seacrest.

Listen back to hear her hilarious new routines and head to her website here to catch her at her next show!