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'Sittervising' Is The New (And Pediatrician-Approved) Parenting Trend

Have you been "sittervising" and not even knowing it? The new parenting trend has gone viral on TikTok and pediatricians say it's benefitting children -- and parents!

"Sittervising” means to supervise children from a seated position, not down on the floor with them. Instead, parents are doing things like cleaning in the same room, cooking in the kitchen where they can see the kids or even just working on their laptops from the couch or a desk. This has benefits for both the child and the parent because "parents cannot dedicate 100% of their time to play with children."

Plus, kids are then learning free play and can be expressive with themselves while also learning independence.

Experts say when parents dedicate all of their time to playing with their children, they do that at the sacrifice of their other work and personal time. Parents are then forced to do a day’s worth of work after kids go to bed and have no time for themselves. This leads to parent burnout, guilt and stress.

Do you agree with "sittervising"? Check out some videos here.