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Here's the Biggest Difference Between 'GOT' and 'House of the Dragon'


Photo: AFP

Excitement is building by the minute for the upcoming Games of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon, which finally premieres this Sunday on HBO Max.

The premise, showrunner Miguel Sapochnik told the Hollywood Reporter, revolves around drama between the four main characters. "There’s the king (Viserys), his brother (Daemon), the king’s daughter (Rhaenyra) and her best friend (Alicent). Then the best friend becomes the king’s wife and thereby the queen," he explained. "That in itself is complicated — when your best friend goes and marries your dad. But from the tiniest things, it slowly evolves this gigantic battle between two sides.”

And while fans have an idea of what the spinoff will be about, they'll be surprised to find just how many dragons are actually in the new series. The first season alone features at least 17 different dragons and a much larger variety than the first series.

“The biggest difference about this series is the fact that dragons exist in this [era], whereas they were an extinct species that came back to life in the original show,” showrunner Ryan Condal added. “So there’s an infrastructure built around them. There’s a dragon pit, saddles and dragon keepers — this monk-like order that takes care of them.”

House of the Dragon premieres Sunday on HBO Max.