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Ryan Seacrest

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Do You Keep Your Ex’s Contact In Your Phone? Sisanie Did a Purge

Sisanie shared she deleted all her old contacts over the holiday weekend and that it was seriously refreshing. But, she didn't delete certain exes.

"I got rid of like 'Wet Republic Justin' and 'Vegas Rick,'" Sisanie shared. "It was like one of the [Las Vegas club] hosts that would help us cut the line."

"But, then I stumbled upon some ex-boyfriends that if they were to contact me for whoever reason I actually would rather prefer to see that it was them," Sis added. "So I kept some exes in there for that sake."

What do you think? Would you keep certain exes in your phone for the heads up? Watch back the on-air moment and join the convo on social @OnAirWithRyan