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Zero-Proof Dating Is the Latest Dating Trend to Make a Real Connection

Do you usually meet for drinks for the first date? Some people are opting out of drinking entirely while early dating to make sure there's a real connection. Dating app Hinge revealed the latest dating trends and one is dubbed zero-proof dating.

Apparently, going to the bar for drinks is no longer the go-to first date. In fact, 75% of global Hingers would rather not drink during a date this summer at all.

According to the report, singles want dates that create a real connection. AKA avoiding getting buzzed or drunk and inhibiting your state of mind. Sisanie shared on-air that Gen Z daters are leading the charge while Millennials still want to booze.

So, what are some non-alcoholic dates you can go on?

Think hikes, visiting a farmers market, going on a picnic or even having that old-fashioned coffee date.