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TikToker Robbed At Coachella, Raises Money For Hero Uber Driver's Family

Now this is a feel good story for your week!

Ryan Seacrest spoke with TikToker Becca Moore who was recently robbed while she was at Coachella this year. Her phone, credit card, and keys were stolen and was away from her friends so she had no way to ask for help. At the hotel, she was able to get an Uber where she told her Uber driver, Raul Torres, her story.

This is where it gets sweet...

Raul ended the rest of his Uber shifts for the day to make sure he stayed with Becca to help her make sure she was safe – taking her to the store to get a new phone, filing a police report, retrieving her stolen items, and even grabbing some food. While they were eating, they got to know each other and Raul told Becca about his daughter, a high school senior, who was going through chemotherapy because she has cancer.

This story touched Becca so much because Raul could be out working and making money for his daughter's treatments but instead took time out of his day to make sure Becca was safe.

Because she has a following on TikTok, she started a GoFundMe in hopes of raising $1000 for Raul's family. She hit that goal immediately.The GoFundMe currently has over $250,000.

Photo: OAWRS/Becca Moore

Watch the video above to hear the sweet story from Becca and the latest on Raul and his family.